New Blog Site!

24 Sep

Hey everyone, check out my new blog called for all of you NBA fans and girl fans who want to learn more/ have one of those boyfriends who live, breathe and sleep basketball…this site is for you!!! check it out and let me know what you think! thanks! 🙂


Remembering Always

11 Sep

This year is the 10th anniversary of the tragic September 11 terrorists attack on the U.S.A. I was only 11 when the tragedy occurred, now as a 21 year old adult I can more fully understand the gravity of what had occurred.

The amount of individuals that this impacted is saddening. So many around my hometown of bayonne, new jersey(10 mins from the city) were crushed with news of death, pain, and loss. Through the pain and sadness came heroes. Heroes in the fire and police departments, volunteers, and family.

My only advice or suggestion to everyone is to appreciate what we have in our lives and live for today. We should reflect on the past and our future. Learn and embrace life. Never forget what has once been… Through this you become full and accomplished. Reflect, live, learn, and love.

Have an amazing day.
God bless America!


It’s been a while, but im back!

5 Sep

Sorry for the lack of posting, I had a busy summer filled with lots or traveling, summer classes, and sitting in airports because Hurricane Irene closed the east coast air terminals. 

How was everyone’s summer??? New posts from me to come shortly.. if you guys also have any other intresting blog sites that you stumble upon this year let me know some of them and ill link them or shout them out.


SO this first post is not really a post but i am just curious on how everyones summer went and if you did anything super exciting???

I am back to school for a week now and just got hired as an intern with the New Jersey Nets.. more on that in my next posting. Miss you guys! ❤


Summer classes :(

24 May

Summer classes begin tomorrow for SPC. I chose to take one course because I heard it was easier in the summer, what I didn’t take into consideration was that it is waking up at 6:30 taking the bus and being at school until 12:30. Long mornings sitting in one class for four hours.. Def annoying. I am the type of girl who Hates classes longer than 40 mins. Now Monday thru Thursday I have a very long four hour class ugh:(

Anyone else have summer classes and hate them?

Only upside is that it is a three week program and get done rapidly.. But is it worth the trade off…. I guess but still complaining about it ahha 🙂

Middle Child Syndrome Justified

17 May

For those of you who don’t know, I am the middle child of five. All of you middle children may know what its like to always get screwed over and understand my reasoning for being upset. My mother and father have been against me having success in life since day 1.

Besides petty little things like always being forgotten, left behind, or not thought of, I have been constantly screwed over on major life decisions. My old siblings both went away to school and partied to much. There grades were poor and as a result, instead of being allowed to go to my number one choice school that I was accepted to, my parents forced me to attend the only local school that I applied to. After completing 2 years of school my mother told me I could leave, but ANY PERSON in school knows that when you transfer you lose mad credits and my two years of school would turn into 6 or 7.

Before the HUGE college process, my parents also had given my brother and sister a car and taught them how to drive. When it was my turn I was and still am not allowed to use their cars or had any help learning how to drive. Than my younger siblings come along and they are allowed to. It’s ok for them to. ITs ok for everyone to
Get to do everything And make their own decisions and live their own life UNLESS they are me!

I do not care what they or anyone try’s to tell me, I am constantly neglected, over looked, and treated unfairly. In my family I am the only person who always thinks about her parents and siblings on holidays, birthdays, and in general. I have a 3.5 GPA and I am a responsible person. What is my reward for my achievements? NOTHING!

Fallacy? I know it’s not…
Nothing In life is fair, and for the middle child, it’s even worse.

Crushed by a Crush

28 Mar

So, every one of us has had a crush. Crushes can be fun, exciting, heart breaking, annoying, wonderful, and terrible at the same time. Those feelings of wonder and flirtation that both excite and destroy us.. When you have one your happy and sad. Crushes…. They really can crush a person. The worst part of a crush(in my opinion) is when it all plays out. What I mean by this, is that when the end result comes together.. All the feelings usually fade. There really is fun in the chase.
According to V-Nasty Reynolds, ” crushes give you a reason to get up and get dressed in the morning. They give you a “amazing” feeling that no one has made you feel before. Crushes suck as well, crushes may be one sided and the person who is crushing may misread the signals. At times, a person can create an ideal for what the view to be the ideal person for them. This usually is not the case and you are believing what you wished. Crushes may take up most of your time and you become overwhelmed and infatuated with a person who may or may not feel the same way about you. Crushes are called crushes because the person crushing always gets crushed in the end.”
In conclusion, crushes are like a job. You keep working for something that you most likely will get.
They are a part o life and are great but suck.

What’s your opinion??

Knicks Downward Pludge

27 Mar

Ever since trading away core players that helped the Knicks make the turn around that they have displayed, with yesterday’s lose to the bobcats, the Knicks have now lost their 6th straight game in a row. Carmelo is extremely selfish with the ball and that is a tough quality to break in a player. As I said previously, this trade was defiantly not worth giving up such players like Gallo, Chandler, and Felton. These three players are aggressive, young, and have the potential of becoming future NBA stars. I never wanted to give them up, and it is now becoming obvious to all who disagreed that this was indeed a HORRIBLE deission. Melo and stat are both two types of players who need the ball to be successful. By having this unbalance the Knicks are unable to swing the ball and look for the open man as easy.
The Knicks need to make some real ajustments and fast. The poor players who were traded helped to build a more sucessful .500 team that was getting better with everygame. Now, we are stuggling to beat teams under .500 including more embarrassing loses to the cavs. This is a disgrace.
On a positive note… How about those nuggets;)

Any opinions on how to make the team better n melo less selfish?